Frederick Douglass - Fourth of July
A reenactment of the speech Frederick Douglass gave on July 5, 1852 at Rochester's Corinthian Hall performed by Phil Darius Wallace.

Frederick Douglass - The Starry Road to Freedom
The Starry Road to Freedom is a one man show about Frederick Douglass, one of the most prominent figures in African American history and one of the most influential lecturers and authors in American history. He was a firm believer in the equality of all people whether black, American Indian, recent immigrant or the rights of females. In the show, Phil Darius Wallace performs numerous characters in Fredrick Douglass’ life. Wallace skillfully plays the role of Frederick Douglass as a little boy along with other characters such as his powerful and loving grandmother, his cruel slave master, and finally Douglass as a free adult. These characters combined proves to be a mesmerizing show. The performance includes music, dancing, singing, monologues and poetry. The most powerful message delivered in the story is how education completely transformed Frederick Douglass’ life. You will be transfixed by the variety in Frederick Douglass’ story. It is an opportunity to meet a man who was an American abolitionist, editor, orator, author, statesman and reformer through the talent of actor Phil Darius Wallace.

Martin Luther King Jr- From the Heart of a King
From The Heart Of A King is the Martin Luther King story that covers his life from child through the civil rights era. This story is an inspirational one that allows children to see the power of nonviolence and the power of the spoken word. This story is told through song, dance, speeches, and poetry. The one-man show lasts 40 minutes. A question and answer period follows afterwards making this theatrical experience more enriching. This show is performed by Phil Darius Wallace and has a workshop with study guide.
View a clip of the performance here.

Mime Show!
Phil Darius Wallace employs the art of mime to explore characters, personal narrative, and a multitude of storytelling styles. The show features audience participation and is perfect for an all day residency.

All the World's a Poem: The Poetry of Langston Hughes
Experience the poetry of Langston Hughes, dramatized by performer Phil D. Wallace through song, dance, and traditional story telling. Within the show there is also the poetry of great American poets who inspired Langston Hughes. This poetry will also be brought to life by Phil D. Wallace. As a special option, a student workshop has been made available where Phil will guide the students in their own poetry writing using different kinds of poetry. The show is designed to inspire children to read, write and understand the power of poetry.
View a clip of the performance here.

Booking Information
Age Group: Kindergarten through 12th grade University / Colleges / Corporations
Format: Half day schedule: 1 or 2, 45 minute assemblies Full day schedule: 2 to 4, 45 minute assemblies
Length: Minimum show time required is 40 minutes. Lower elementary performance is 20-25 minutes total.
Size: Recommended maximum per performance: Elementary school 275 students Middle - senior high school 275 to 500 students
Presentation area: No special requirements Assistance: A short introduction by a school representative. Someone to assist with sound.
Set-up time: Set-up and take down is 15 minutes.
Content: Frederick’s life, slavery and transformation through education. An authentic costumed portrayal of Frederick Douglass. This program is in assembly format only for full and half days.

Workshops are available. Phil Darius Wallace also performs MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR and poetry by Langston Hughes. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CALL Phil Darius Wallace, 901-262-0126