PDW-Presentation Development Workshop
Presentation Development Workshop promotional video.

Presentational Development Workshop
Presentational Development workshop is a training designed to give participants tools to improve and enhance their presentational needs, be it a sales force, those in the political field, public servants, public speakers or educational administrators. The training is conducted by Phil Darius Wallace, actor, teacher, writer and director.  

Phil Darius uses 12 principles of presenting from out of the world of live performing to guide presenters toward the path of effective presentational skills. Some of the principles include the principle of relationship, the principle of preparation, the principle of humor and the principle of opposites (just to name a few). These principles are used in role play where participants learn application through practice followed by debriefing through Q&A.  

Phil Darius Wallace also teaches personal presentation power techniques by utilizing content, voice and body language. Content is a technique used to win the hearts and minds of audiences by addressing concerns and any elephants in the room, establishing common ground, achieving transcendence by drawing attention to share history and stressing common dreams and values. This technique also personalizes the words "we" and "I", utilizes words that resonate, inspires participants to great achievements by creating a sense of momentum and after, discussing what has been learned and challenging them to action. Voice technique is also taught to keep the audience's attention through the use of volume, musicality, intonation, pause, how a word is said and annunciation to drive point home. Body language is a technique that is taught to fill the presentation with personality and dramatic eloquence by isolating the gestures, creating status, working with general gestures such as the fingers, arms and hands.  

Lastly, Phil Darius Wallace teaches power presentation through play with such games as paper ball (teaching how to reach goals as a group), the name game with "conscious gestures" (teaching to read personality through gesture and acquiring a vocabulary of gestures), mirrors (teaching how to be in tune with the other person), moving in the space (teaching how to give and take though action and responding), statues (teaching how to give specific directions and give back the specific directions taken), fairy tale photos (teaching the group how to work as an ensemble), creating shapes without speaking (teaching how to problem solve as a group), role play (exercising ability to present and lead in one on one or small group settings) and expert (teaching the art of listening) and what are you doing (teaching how to think on foot)." Phil Darius Wallace has worked with teachers, actors, museum curators, financial advisors, politicians, commercial real estate agents and managers, who have greatly benefited from the workshop. Please call or email for more information.